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Mum Birthday - 002

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Code 75 ethnic greeting card

Front Design

'Mum - Her's is the very first face that we see. The very first softness you touch. Her's is the very first voice you  hear and learn to depend on so much. Her's is the smile that assures you the most, the warmth that's so comforting, too. The cosiest lap and the cuddliest arms that spend so much time loving you... Happy Birthday' in gold foil.


'When I think of how hard you've worked to give me a home and a good life, the sacrifices you've made for your family, and all the acts of unselfishness you've performed, I know that I'll never be able to fully express my gratitude... But I do want to thank you for  the gift of yourself - an inspiration and role model, as comforter and guide, and most of all, as the Best Mum that ever was. I Love You.

Happy Birthday!'

All cards come individually wrapped with an envelope.

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